Mean Girls: Regina and Gretchen as a Perfect Example of Narcissistic/Codependent Relationship

This bitch is histrionic AF
Ashley De La Rosa as Regina George in the musical.
Promo shot for the national tour of the musical. This cast is great!
THE LUNCHROOM! photo by Joan Marcus for
Rachel McAdams and Taylor Louderman embodying the Queen Bee. edit by
Reneé Rapp watches the world burn…
That is a beautiful bedroom.
from, Krystina Alabado in her many Gretchen costumes for the Broadway musical.
Ashley Park, with hair full of secrets!
Lacey Chabert looking very beautiful before kicking a boombox right into Jason’s face during “Jingle Bell Rock”.
Ever had a toxic friendship? If not, I hope you never do.
The End ❤



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Abbeyrose Gelsomina

She seeks radical love and liberation from evil. Soprano Assoluta. Used to write professionally, now just writes for fun.